Pixel Gun 3D

Welcome to Pixel Gun 3D, where blocky-style multiplayer action meets intense first-person shooter gameplay! Get ready to immerse yourself in one of the best free online games available. With its vibrant pixelated graphics and exciting gameplay, Pixel Gun 3D offers endless hours of entertainment for players of all skill levels.

Gameplay Overview

In Pixel Gun 3D, players take on the role of blocky characters as they engage in fast-paced multiplayer battles. The objective? Rack up as many kills as possible while navigating through a variety of dynamic maps and game modes.

One of the highlights of Pixel Gun 3D is its thrilling Battle Royale mode. In this mode, players compete against each other in a fight to be the last pixelated character standing. Strategize, scavenge for weapons, and outmaneuver your opponents to claim victory in this adrenaline-pumping game variant.


Mastering Pixel Gun 3D is easy thanks to its intuitive controls:

  • Movement: Use the WASD keys or arrow keys to navigate your character.
  • Aiming: Use your mouse to aim your weapon.
  • Shooting: Simply left-click your mouse button to unleash firepower on your enemies.
  • Reloading: Press the 'R' key to reload your weapon.
  • Jumping: Press the space bar to leap into action.
  • Weapon Selection: Switch between weapons using the number keys.

To embark on your Pixel Gun 3D adventure, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select a Server: Choose from European, American, or Asian servers.
  2. Join a Game: Browse the list of available games and join one with open slots.
  3. Map Exploration: Explore the diverse array of maps, each offering unique layouts and strategic opportunities.

Weapon Arsenal

Pixel Gun 3D boasts an impressive selection of pixelated weapons, including:

  • Shotgun
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Revolver
  • Light Machinegun

Choose your favorite weapon wisely and unleash devastation on your foes!

Explore Unique Maps

From sprawling castles to treacherous crash sites, Pixel Gun 3D features a variety of captivating maps to conquer. Each map presents its own set of challenges and tactical advantages, ensuring that every battle is a thrilling experience.

Create Your Own Server

For those who prefer a more personalized gaming experience, Pixel Gun 3D allows players to create their own servers with password protection. Gather your friends, hone your skills, and unleash your newfound prowess on the battlefield.

With its engaging gameplay, diverse maps, and vibrant pixelated graphics, Pixel Gun 3D offers an unparalleled multiplayer gaming experience. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the world of blocky shooters, Pixel Gun 3D is sure to captivate and challenge you. So grab your weapons, join the fray, and prove your worth in the ultimate pixelated showdown!

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